ball bearings

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Action & Gear Bearing (a. k. a MAG bearing) is an international bearing provider locating in the center of a global creativity hub-Shanghai.

ball bearings

Our factory-Wafangdian ZhongBei Bearing locates in Wafangdian-the city famous for ball impact industry since last one hundred year. Established in 1992, we’ve found more than 500 employees, owns more than 300 equipments and also CNY 50 million Yuan fixed assets. The factory addresses an area of 5000M2, as well as floor space covers 3000M2. We certainly have our own packing factory which offers most of the bearing manufactories from your city. Apart from the advanced generation line and precise exam equipment, our professional technical crew has 50 engineers inside R&D department, in which thirty seven engineers are senior specialists.

ball bearings

We have more than 25 years regarding experience in bearing market, produces more than 2000 requirements of various bearings, which are extensively applied in various industries like metallurgy, mine, oil, interface, water conservancy, cement, document making, steel mill, substance plant, and heavy-duty architectural. Our preponderant products are Tapered Roller Bearings, Spherical Spinning Bearings, Cylindrical Bearings, Strong Groove Bearings, Ceramic Basketball Bearings, Automotive Bearings, Self-Aligning Roller Bearings, and Plastic-type Bearings etc . These products are already certified with ISO9001: 2050 & TS-16949: 2009 coming from LRQA and have been exported to be able to more than 60 countries around the globe.

MAG bearing holds technological innovation, design and geographical positive aspects, and offers OEM & ODM bearing products from an array of inquiries.

MAG bearing aims for quality excellence and also total customer satisfaction. We custom our services to meet the needs. Contact us now to learn your reliable and affordable bearing solutions.


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